Brand new ICO model, there is a real product for your tokens. Maybe you have read about many successful people that made their fortune by trading or selling real estates. Maybe you wanted to invest in this area too but you did not have enough funds. BUILD PLATFORM will make it possible. Certainly you are wondering how it will happen and what BUILD PLATFORM will offer?

prj1BUILD PLATFORM will be a platform for building and selling new residential buildings. The money of the investors committed to us will be used for buying a land, building and selling of the new apartments afterwards. The buildings will be constructed in some of the fastest growing European cities. The choice of a particular city in which to build the first building will be taken at a later stage depending on funding.  Between 2 and 3 years will be needed for buying a land, preparing all projects and accompanied documentation accorded with regulatory authorities and constructing till the full completion of the building. Then the sale of the apartments can begin.

How could the profit be defined? After the sale of the apartments and/or shops in the building, all expenses made during the whole process: price of the land, construction, and the expenses for the woodwork, insulation, plaster and etc. till putting the building into operation. The final profit will be shared among the tokens owners from our project.

BUILD PLATFORM is something that can bring you a long term passive incomes. If you want a quick liquidity, you can sell your tokens. The main difference between BUILD PLATFORM and other ICO’s is that with us the invested money will be placed for a land , building materials and etc. – real existing and not losing its value . There will be real assets for your money. When the price of an ICO goes down too much and the project is left behind, you lose the most part of the invested money. The best in our project is that the invested money couldn’t go away for a few days due to the exchange jobbery with the tokens price. There will be existing buildings for your tokens that have a value at the real estate market which is more difficult to be manipulated than the crypto currency market.

Most of the new ICO’s put a minimum of the raised finance which is not very clear what it for is. As a result, the money of the investors is used for the salaries of the IT specialists. In BUILD PLATFORM these finance will be also used for real assets such as land and building materials. As you know well the location is very important, as it is guarantees higher sale price.

The development capacity of land is equal to the gross building area that can be constructed per acre available. Gross building area however, is simply a volume that provides shelter on the floors involved. The amount provided per acre, in addition to the supporting pavement introduced, is referred to as “intensity” when compared to the project open space that remains. I = intensity expressed in terms of gross building area m2 per acre; GBA = gross building area in m2 AC = gross land area. ( I = GBA / AC )


Here is an example how much money is needed for a building construction in Sofia, Bulgaria at present:  If the gross land area is about 500 m2 and “intensity” for that land area is 3, that’s mean 1500 m2 gross building area could be constructed .The price of the land area (at good location) is between 300 000 € and 500 000 €. The cost price for 1 m2 will be 400 – 500 € with plaster and paste. Let’s accept the price of the construction will be 450 €. The cost price for 1 m2 quality construction corresponded to all contemporary norm is 250 € plus 400 € it will be 650 €. If the expenses for project preparations are added and the price for 1 m2 approximately will not be more than 700 €.The sales price for 1 m2 floor area is approximately 1000 – 1400 €. This means that the profit from 1500 m2 building is between 400 000€ and 800 000€ (40% - 80% gained profit for 2 years period).
This profit will be distributed among tokens holders.
When the first building is ready and it is already sold we will start a new one.The dividends will be paid in BTC or FIAT, not in new tokens. Total supply of tokens is 10 000 000 build tokens and they will remain unchanged.

BUILD tokens are tokens based on the Ethereum smart contract. Every token holder has ETH address. The same address is used to send / receive other tokens based on Ethereum blockchain.
The dividends will be distributed to all ETH addresses (which holds BUILD tokens) proportional to the average of daily snapshots of their balance. Our website will have section where every investor can register his ETH address, his BTC address and his bank account. In that way everyone who have BUILD tokens and keep them in his wallet will receive dividends.
Also we are discussing the idea dividends to be paid in FIAT directly in the investor bank account

Build platform will be a registered organization in Bulgaria and will operate under Bulgarian legal framework.
We will provide detailed financial statements for the occurred expenses at each stage of the project. Each of the investors will be able to visit the construction site. Also we will install web cameras there  that can be viewed in our website. In that way everyone can see the progress of building in real time.

Our purpose is not just to construct one building only. When the first building is ready and it is already sold we will start a new one.We want to provide a long term opportunity for everyone who wants to invest even a small amount of money in something real.  
This ICO project gives a chance for everyone who wants to take a part in it. This is our vision for mass adoption. No one can construct a building with 100€ or 1000€. Our project makes that possible. If the project has 1000 or more participants (even participation with a small amount) the whole amount of collected funds will be enough for building construction.
If you put your money in bank deposit you will receive a 1%  - 5%  per year.
Most of the ico projects don’t offer dividends. If you invest in them the only way to earn something is raising the price of its tokens.
Build Platform we generate profit by creating real product, not from market speculation. This is a big difference.


Forecasting investment for such a building of 1500 m2 living area is 1 050 000 €. Having in mind the present rate BTC/€ 1100, 955 BTC are needed in order the project can start.

Just think what ICO’s (that raised finance much more than 1000 BTC) offered and achieved within1 year?  What do you prefer to see as a completed project with the help of your investment?
Something virtual like a game platform, a platform for computer programmers or a platform for BTC exchange.  Don’t you think it is better to invest in something that could be seen at any moment? Something that doesn't depreciate in value.

Everybody can visit BUILD Platform Office and meet us face to face. The future construction also can be visited and it can be seen how the invested money are used. As a participant in the initially BUILD Platform ICO you will have some additional options for Incomes: preferential price for buying or rent of the real estate , if there is a sale of a property to a person explicit recommended by you, you will get a commission , management of the purchased Property.



Sample models of buildings designed by our architect

Model 01
Model 02
Model 03
Model 04
Model 05
Model 06
Model 07
Model 08
Model 09
Model 10
Model 11
Model 12
Model 14
Model 15
Model 16
Model 17

Project Roadmap

2017 - June

ICO /Crowdsale/ Period



Market research and Purchase of property for construction.Preparation of preliminary design of the building



Preparation of architectural and technical design of the building.

Building design


Obtaining building permit.

Building permit

2017-November - 2018 - April

Construction of the building to shell stage

Shell stage

2018-May - 2018-September

Construction of electrical and plumbing systems.Installation of windows and external insulation. Finishing stage (putty and plaster).

Finishing stage

2018-October - 2018-December

Entering the building into operation.This process can take even longer time than planned due to various reasons(legal deadlines, Commission approval....).

Legal stage


Start selling apartments and looking for a new plot for the next building. Distribution of profits to BUILD token holders




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