BUILD PLATFORM will be a platform for building and selling new residential buildings. The money of the investors committed to us will be used for buying a land, building and selling of the new apartments afterwards. The buildings will be constructed in some of the fastest growing European cities. The choice of a particular city in which to build the first building will be taken at a later stage depending on funding.

The Build platform / BUILD / tokens are tokens based on the Ethereum blockchain

Currencies Accepted - BTC (other currencies via shapeshift)
Minimum Funding - BTC equivalent of € 1,000,000
There will be total 10,000,000 BUILD tokens existence

8,500,000 BILD for ICO participants
1,000,000 BUILD for the BUILD platform team
200,000 BUILD for advisors, partners and 3rd parties
300,000 BUILD for campaigns and bounties


BUILD tokens are tokens based on the Ethereum smart contract. Every token holder has ETH address. The same address is used to send / receive other tokens based on Ethereum blockchain.
The dividends will be distributed to all ETH addresses (which holds BUILD tokens) proportional to the average of daily snapshots of their balance. Our website will have section where every investor can register his ETH address, his BTC address and his bank account. In that way everyone who have BUILD tokens and keep them in his wallet will receive dividends.
Also we are discussing the idea dividends to be paid in FIAT directly in the investor bank account

Build platform will be a registered organization in Bulgaria and will operate under Bulgarian legal framework.
We will provide detailed financial statements for the occurred expenses at each stage of the project. Each of the investors will be able to visit the construction site. Also we will install web cameras there  that can be viewed in our website. In that way everyone can see the progress of building in real time.

Our purpose is not just to construct one building only. When the first building is ready and it is already sold we will start a new one.We want to provide a long term opportunity for everyone who wants to invest even a small amount of money in something real.  
This ICO project gives a chance for everyone who wants to take a part in it. This is our vision for mass adoption. No one can construct a building with 100€ or 1000€. Our project makes that possible. If the project has 1000 or more participants (even participation with a small amount) the whole amount of collected funds will be enough for building construction.
If you put your money in bank deposit you will receive a 1%  - 5%  per year.
Most of the ico projects don’t offer dividends. If you invest in them the only way to earn something is raising the price of its tokens.
Build Platform we generate profit by creating real product, not from market speculation. This is a big difference.

The Crowdsale (ICO) will be postponed for a certain period of time. We are currently preparing the necessary legal documents for the project and also negotiating with investors.

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